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Bridge has always offered amazing tools for employee development. Now, Bridge is offering a new way for employers to incentivize their people to use those tools, allowing you to fill skill gaps and prepare strong development plans with the help of an engaged and ambitious workforce.

That’s why Bridge customers can now take full advantage of our new upskilling platform, Skills Plus. Skills Plus takes the guesswork out of career development. It draws on a rich library of up-to-date skills requirements from Lightcast and uses AI to automatically recommend learning content based on the skills your people need to develop—whether that’s to stay current in their existing roles or to prepare for internal vacancies that line up with their aspirations.

Skills Plus allows you to add purpose and context to your people’s training. By using the platform to offer up appropriate courses, your people will recognize how their training relates to their current role and to their overall career plans—and you’ll find them flocking to your learning management system as a result.

With the help of Skills Plus, you can:

  • Build an organization-wide skills taxonomy
  • Automatically tag content with relevant skills
  • Recommend the right learning to the right people
  • Develop skills communities

Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at what you can do with the upskilling capabilities of Skills Plus.

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Automate Your Skills Tagging Process

There’s a lot of administrative work that goes into any effective upskilling program. When you’ve got a large back catalog of learning resources, tagging those resources with the appropriate skills can take a real toll on your schedule. 

That said, there’s a reason why organizations have historically put the time into skills tagging: it’s an essential task for anyone looking to proactively offer skills development opportunities to their workforce. If your learning materials aren’t clearly signposted with the skills they teach, your upskilling efforts might fall at the first hurdle. 

Skills Plus takes the hard work out of the tagging process with the help of a little automation. It’s capable of scanning thousands of courses and instantly tagging them with the skills that each course teaches.

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Deliver Deeply Personalized Learning

Skills Plus doesn’t just tag learning courses with skills—it’s also able to identify the in-demand skills for a given job role and compare those skills with the skillsets laid out in your people’s profiles. This is a great way to ensure your people are aware of the most up-to-date skills requirements for their current jobs—allowing you to nip certain kinds of skills gaps in the bud.

The real power of Skills Plus is felt when you draw all your skills-related infrastructure together, combining the skills requirements our platform identifies and the personal goals of your employees. As such, Skills Plus offers two types of AI-based course recommendations:

  1. Courses that align with the specific skills identified by your learners
  2. Courses tagged with the skills our AI identifies as necessary for each learner’s job role

These two approaches ensure that your learning programs strike the perfect, personalized balance between individual aspirations and wider organizational needs.

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Create a Full-Fledged Skills Taxonomy

All of these Skills Plus features are built around a library of over 32,000 skills from Lightcast, a leader in labor market analytics. Lightcast’s skills library is built on an analysis of more than 1 billion current and historical job postings, updated from more than 50,000 online sources daily. The Lightcast skills taxonomy is both more current and more granular than any other system

Skills Plus uses Lightcast’s skills library as the engine that keeps your employees growing and thriving by helping Skills Plus to highlight the skills they’ll want to focus on—but that’s not all. Making this in-built library part of your skills taxonomy also addresses the inconsistencies that can creep in when you’ve got a team of administrators manually tagging content with skills. 

Crucially, Skills Plus uses its skills library to lighten your administrative load when it comes to skills tagging. When done manually, this is a hugely time-intensive process. By leaving the task to our upskilling platform, you’ll be able to redirect your administrative energies toward more meaningful activities—while remaining secure in the knowledge that your courses are being categorized as comprehensively and accurately as possible. 

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Bring Together Skills Communities

When your people search for, discover, and select one of the myriad skills showcased in your skills taxonomy, they’ll be able to see which of their colleagues has also expressed an interest in that particular skill. 

These interests are split into three categories: colleagues who have the skill, colleagues who also want to learn the skill in question, and colleagues who are prepared to help others to master that skill. Skills communities add a social and collaborative element to your upskilling efforts, forging new employee connections and facilitating professional mentoring relationships.

In short: by bringing your like-minded employees together, you’ll add a new and valuable string to your professional development bow.

Ready to Supercharge Your Employee Development?

Discover the ease and power of upskilling with Bridge Skills Plus for yourself by requesting a demo today.


Akash Savdharia

Akash Savdharia

Akash is an entrepreneurial technology executive with over 10 years of experience bringing SaaS products to market that solve impactful data-driven problems. Prior to joining Bridge, Akash was the co-founder and CEO of Patheer, an AI-powered talent marketplace to help companies grow and retain employees by empowering them to discover new career paths and opportunities internally. At Patheer, he drove the company's vision, strategy, and products, which revolutionized the enterprise talent and career mobility space. In September 2020, Learning Technologies Group acquired Patheer to bolster its product and technology expertise in this fast growing market. At Bridge, Akash is the Vice President of Talent Solutions, and continues to drive the vision, growth, and strategy for skills and talent mobility.

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