Performance Management

Performance management that inspires greatness

Make performance management more personalized (even for remote teams) by driving alignment, growth, and engagement.


Bridge is a people-centered system that has helped us build a truly employee-driven performance management program.

Kate Parker

Director of Learning & Development at Vera Whole Health

Align employees and managers

Support alignment and increased productivity through
a shared 1:1 tool and continuous check-ins.

Drive employee growth

Do more than simply conduct annual reviews, drive growth with our cutting-edge performance development system.

Collaborative career decisions

Empower employees and managers to have impactful career, compensation, and skill-growth conversations.

Track, measure, and achieve career growth

Use the right data and analytics insights to make more informed business decisions across an efficient performance management timeline.

Goals: set, align, achieve

Create cohesive, responsive, and adaptable business strategy from company, team, and individual goals.

EMEA - Skill and Career Development

Performance built on learning

Integrate learning and skill enhancement into your performance development system, and you’ll be more efficient at filling skill gaps needed to achieve business outcomes.

Building an effective 1:1 culture

Learn how Golden Nugget focused on competencies and accountability by relying on tracking provided by Bridge performance management software.

Performance Management Features

Bridge Performance Management delivers holistic performance reviews, one-on-one conversations, employee and company goal alignment, and provides self, manager, and peer assessments.

1:1 check-ins

Performance Conversations

Skills Assessments

Analytics dashboard

Employee Timeline

Peer Feedback

Mobile App

Annual Talent Review

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