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We know how hard it is right now to keep employees engaged, and how crucial learning and skill development is to driving engagement. We also know that increasing engagement doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we created Bridge Learn & Develop. Go beyond basic mandatory training and watch your teams build skills, develop in their careers, and perform better.

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Skills Development Plans

Learners can identify the skills they want to develop. Give them the opportunity to own their career and take action with a personalized skill development plan. 

Skill Development Plans enable employees and managers to: 

  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Enroll in relevant learning
  • Add tasks  
  • Track progress

Skills Feedback

It can be challenging for peers and managers to regularly offer performance input, but feedback fuels growth and helps people be their best.  

Inside of Bridge, employees and their managers can request skills feedback and start/stop/continue feedback year-round.

AI-Driven Skills Taxonomy

Bridge leverages a dynamic database of skills and job titles to help organizations efficiently build and maintain a skills taxonomy. Let Bridge AI do the heavy lifting for you, while maintaining the ability to fully customize job titles and skills as you go.

Autotag Courses With Skills

Leave the administrative work to us. Bridge AI instantly scans your content library and tags courses with relevant skills—saving you countless hours of manual work.

Skills-Based Learning Recommendations

Turbocharge learning with AI learning recommendations. Bridge helps employees identify the skills that they need to grow in their careers, and recommends learning based on the skills they want and need to develop.

Skills Insights

Managers can track their teams’ progress with dynamic insights to understand skills gaps and opportunities for development. 

Access learning analytics that drive your strategy. Get reporting on enrollments, completion metrics and overdue learners.

Ideal for employees in the field. Enable push notifications and employees can access mobile LMS training even without WiFi.

Record training videos, translate into 100+ languages, edit without complex software and bookmark chapters.

Soft skills and compliance training courses are available to you on day one. Additional content options are available too.

Bridge offers seamless integrations with HRIS platforms, content providers, SSO, asset management and more.

Leverage a database of over 30k skills to build your talent strategy. Automatically map skills to job roles, tagging content with skills, and recommending learning for upskilling.

Bridge Skills Management FAQs

Yes, Bridge offers a number of off-the-shelf content packages with courses ready to be auto-tagged with skills.

Absolutely! While Bridge comes pre-populated with a market-driven skills library, it’s easy to customize your skills taxonomy with custom skills.

Yes. Bridge is smart enough to recommend job titles that might have similar skills to the job titles you import, and the Bridge skills taxonomy is fully customizable.

Bridge offers a mobile app with offline SCORM capabilities so that you can develop your people anytime, anywhere. The Bridge mobile app is included with all Bridge subscriptions at no additional cost.

Yes, Bridge integrates with most Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Core HR platforms. Bridge offers a Performance Management solution that you can choose to use, or you can opt to use your own.

We know that Bridge isn’t the only software you use. That’s why we prioritize seamless integrations with HRIS platforms, content providers, single sign on authenticators, asset management tools and more.

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