Remote Onboarding Checklist

Making sure new employees feel welcome and appreciated from the start ensures productivity ramps up from day one.

However, this relies on them having everything they need, and co-workers and managers knowing their role, without error or omission.

The problem is that remote onboarding adds a whole new level of complexity to the onboarding process.

Virtual onboarding new employees requires exceptional organisation to make an effective and powerful first impression that results in a new employee being integrated quickly. It needs to be strategic. It needs to be intentional. And it needs to be effectively managed.

9-Step Remote Onboarding Checklist​

Our FREE 9-step checklist ensures you cover everything needed in the remote onboarding process.

Make Remote Onboarding Easier

Our Remote Onboarding Checklist ensures you don’t forget anything and take a strategic approach to virtual onboarding of new employees. 

But we can make it even easier.

Bridge is a Learning Management System (LMS) integrated with Performance Management functionality. It makes remote team working cohesive, collaborative and structured. From establishing mentoring relationships and delivering varied training to 360° feedback, all of the required tools for successful onboarding are at your fingertips, and automated as much as possible.

Bridge is designed to be used on-the-go with integrated data and insights making it a powerful and complete employee engagement tool ideal for remote onboarding. Nothing will be forgotten. Everything will be strategic. And your new employee will quickly become a productive, engaged and valuable member of your team.

The 9 Steps of Effective Remote Onboarding

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