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Deliver a seamless learning experience for employees

What’s really impressed me is that 100% of our learners are completing their learning, which I had never seen before in my career. That is just amazing. Bridge makes it so easy to learn.

Jim Page

Head of Learning & Talent Development, Catalant Technologies

Upskill with Ease

Whether it’s professional development programs or compliance training, all of the right learning tools are at your fingertips with the world’s easiest-to-use Learning Management System.

Provide engaging learning, customized to your needs

Looking to create onboarding programs? Deliver compliance training for different teams and departments? Bridge’s Learning Management System has everything you need to craft learning experiences tailored to your specific needs.

Harness the power of simplicity

Our customers rave about how easy it is for learners to use Bridge. It’s so easy that authors and learners don’t even need a training manual. Even better? Create new courses in just minutes with our native course authoring tool.

Use Analytics and Insights to take your learning strategy to the next level

Easily access your organization’s user data through the Analytics and Insights dashboards. Or, Take your experience to the next level by exporting all the data to your own business intelligence platform. From custom reports, scheduled data delivery, to simply downloading the dashboard as a PDF, understanding your data is quick, easy and intuitive.

Leader Summer 2022

How great is Bridge?

We’ll let our customers field that one. Read the reviews at G2 and see why Bridge is “as intuitive as it is beautiful” and “an amazing LMS.”

(Their words, not ours. But we agree.)

LMS Systems: Mobile learning on-the-go

Whether your people are at the bus stop, in a factory, or riding the subway, they can engage our learning management system to give them convenient, on-the-go access to mobile learning.

NEW! Advanced video LXP to capture, create, and catalog organizational knowledge.

Leveraging institutional knowledge to create engaging content to help employees learn and grow is key for organizations of all sizes. Bridge Advanced Video is a video based LXP that provides users with an enhanced video learning experience that is easy to use, quick to deploy, and critical for retaining top talent.

Go the Distance With Bridge Journeys

Journeys helps you build the courses you want and deliver an engaging experience—every time. You can chunk courses into manageable, easily digested slices so that no learner feels overwhelmed by their assigned tasks. Deliver the right learning to the right people exactly when they need it.

Learning to Adapt: How to Put Learning and Development at the Heart of Your Company’s Culture

The actionable guide to creating a culture of learning. Download the ebook to discover all you need to know about building your learning and development strategy, including:

  • Five ways to foster a culture of learning in your organization
  • How to attract and retain the best talent
  • The best ways to effectively deliver learning and development in the hybrid workplace
how to build a culture of learning

Bolster learning with video role-play

Say goodbye to stagnant, boring group training. Our learning management software means Bridge can make video role-playing a social and engaging experience for employees because some of the most valuable knowledge comes from co-workers.

LMS Features

Bridge Learning Management System designs and delivers scalable learning programs that make learning and compliance engaging for employees.

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