Leadership Development for Millennials: How to Nurture Effective Leaders

5 ways to develop tomorrow’s leaders—today!

Millennials already make up the bulk of the workforce and their number is growing—by 2025, it’s predicted that they’ll make up 75%. As more Millennials step into leadership roles, it’s time to think about the skills they need to be successful.

Effective leadership needs to be learned and now’s the time to develop your Millennial workforce. But do you know how to prepare them for future leadership roles in your company?

Leadership Development for Millennials

Packed with actionable steps to turn your workforce into leaders, download the report to discover:

  • The four Es of leadership development—get your managers up to speed fast
  • Starting with the ‘why’—help your employees find out why their career is meaningful to them
  • The power of effective one-on-ones—make conversations count!